Mini-Bulk Tanks

Written by Sarah Musselman
Thursday, 10 December 2009 22:15

The key component of all of the KleerBlue equipment solutions is the specially designed Mini-Bulk storage tank. It is constructed of an impact resistant, triple-wall UV protected polyethylene (offered in a variety of colors, including granite) with capacities of 400 or 1000 gallons. While insulated to a value of R16, it also comes with a redundant and efficient interstitial-space side mounted tank pad heating system to ensure DEF dispensing operability where extreme cold temperature conditions exist. Its 38" (400 gallon) and 44" (1000 gallon) width footprint provides for an "island friendly" placement in line with an existing fueling island, requiring no lane space loss or remote placement for a second stop for truck drivers away from the fueling island.

One of the inherent benefits or using the polyethylene design along with stainless steel fasteners is the lack of outer shell maintenance required with the exception of power washings as needed. No need to worry about corrosion of exterior metal components, caulking maintenance or unsightly streaking.

Working with Pneumercator, we designed the TMS-1000D tank monitoring system using a NEMA 4X weather and corrosion proof enclosure mounted on the tank's fill end to provide for an audible overfill alarm, visible hi-low alarm and most importantly, a high-low temperature alarm with the ability to control the tank pad heaters given the temperature reading. In addition, a modem or Ethernet connection can be used to send alarms to electronic devices.

In lieu of a suction pump design, we looked to the European DEF experience for a proven submersible pump, which the vast majority of the US petroleum industry is familiar with, requiring no priming, and rated for 400,000 start/stop cycles while delivering at 8-10 gpm.

Other features include a security system on the fill box, removable dual sided advertising panels, pre-piped and wired at the factory as well as the ability to be connected with our own electronic DEF dispenser or a 3rd party DEF dispenser using a transition box and dispenser pan.

Retail Mini-Bulk Tanks

Fleet Mini-Bulk Tanks

Commercial Mini-Bulk Tanks


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