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October 5, 2017 - Today, Murray Equipment, Inc. (MEI) has announced that Dan Murray has been named President effective immediately. Former President Steve Murray will stay on board and focus his efforts on KleerBlue Solutions, Murray Equipment’s DEF storage, dispensing, and manufacturing systems brand. This transition marks three generations of Murray leadership.

Murray Equipment was started in 1950 by Dan’s grandfather Clarence Murray. Steve Murray served as President since 1978. Current President Dan Murray has been with MEI since 1997 and has been Vice-President for the last 10 years. Under 3 generations of Murray leadership, the company now has offices on 2 continents, 106 employees, a global customer base, and high financial stability.

“Our customers were the primary factor in planning this transition. We didn’t want them to face any of the disruptions that sometimes come with changes in leadership/ownership.” Explained Steve Murray “Dan understands and has been instrumental in developing the ‘Murray Way’ of doing business. I am very confident the future of Murray is bright.”

Dan has been responsible for the growth in the Total Control Systems brand, and since becoming Vice-President has taken more responsibility in MEI’s other areas. His current role will see him overseeing Murray Equipment, Inc., Total Control Systems, and KleerBlue Solutions.

“Under Steve’s leadership, Murray gained a reputation for doing business the right way. The long-term success of our customers has been more important than short-term gains. It’s this long-term vision that has brought this company to the place it is today.” Said Dan. “I’m honored and humbled to take on the mantle of continuing to provide our customers with first-class quality, expertise, and customer service.”


About Murray Equipment, Inc.

Murray Equipment, Inc. ( is a privately-held and operated company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their facilities include a 100,000 square foot facility as well as a European location. The Murray Equipment brand specializes in manufacturing and distributing liquid and dry automation systems and equipment. The Total Control Systems brand ( manufactures positive displacement flow meters, accessories, electronic registers, and delivery software. KleerBlue Solutions (, a joint-venture with Separation by Design, manufactures DEF storage, dispensing, and manufacturing systems.

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