Automated Blending
DEF Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacture DEF from liquid urea concentrate, dry prill, or both. KleerBlue offers turn-key custom production facilities.
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DEF Liquid Concentrate & Dry Manufacturing Facilities

With over 40 years experience designing blending production facilities, KleerBlue can design a turn-key solution to meet your DEF manufacturing needs.


Depending on the price of concentrated DEF, transportation costs, type of customer, and customer demand, you may want to adjust your blend ratios.

The KleerBlue system allows you to receive 50%, 40% or 32.5% and blend it to 40% (marine) or 32.5%.  This will help you maximize volumes and ensure you can keep up with customer demand, even when there are changes in supply.


KleerBlue allows you to accurately and consistently blend to a precise target percentage.  Our software and high quality equipment can do the complex calculations to ensure your customers receive the proper blends.  This can reduce your overall liability as well as lower the level of expertise needed by your staff.  

The system can automatically blend the volume of DEF you need and send the blend to a specific tank or zone to await loadout.


The KleerBlue system is run with user-friendly software controls.  The system alarms, notifications, and lot tracking abilities take the stress out of DEF blending. And thanks to high GPM flows and features such as unattended driver loadout, you can turn out a lot more product with the same staff.


Supplying liquids always accompanies a certain amount of liability.  Thanks to KleerBlue's ISO 22241 compatible components, you can dramatically decrease your inherent risk.  All our parts come factory pre-assembled, skid mounted, and tested thereby reducing installation errors.  System alarms alert you automatically to areas that need addressing.  And, if a blend misses the target, the system can allow you to reblend the product to the correct specification.


KleerBlue's blending facilities consist of several factory produced components.  These components come together onsite to create a fully automated DEF blending facility.


The KleerBlue system is run with a user-friendly highly visual production software. This proven software is the same software used to run hundreds of chemical and fertilizer mix plants across North America.

Visually monitor tank levels, production, inventory, and more in real-time. Ensure you have the correct amount of inputs required before blending. Track COA from production through loadout.  View production history and maintain traceability throughout the process.  Call us today to learn more.


KleerBlue can outfit your facility with DI storage tanks.  Our HDLPE industrial-grade polyethylene tanks are available in many diameter and height combinations to accommodate both your volume and space requirements.

These tanks can be joined together to act as a single storage tank for even more volume.


To ensure you meet DEF purity standards, its important all your blend inputs comply. This DI purified water skid produces grade 3 water per ISO 3696 standards.  It comes fully assembled on a single skid complete with displays and alarms.  It also offers multiple test ports so you can continually rest assured your quality is in order.


At the center of our blending facilities is KleerBlue's patented industrial-grade ratio blender (Patent: US 8,302,639 B2).  This blender is known for its precision, accuracy, and reliability. It can run around the clock and consistently output the desired blends.

The blender comprises high quality and proven components built to the standards of ISO 22241.  It is software controlled with an intuitive PC-based operator interface.  Call us to learn more about how we ensure accurate and precise blends.


The KleerBlue transfer skid moves the blended product to the targeted DEF tanks or zone.  It includes a high flow rate pump to maximize output as well as an additional 3" stainless steel filter to ensure purity.


KleerBlue's DEF HDLPE industrial-grade polyethylene tanks are available in many diameter and height combinations to accommodate both your volume and space requirements.

With tank gauges, air-actuated and manual valves, and fitting package, you automatically gain complete zone and individual tank control.  


KeerBlue's loadout skids come equipped with a weights and measures approved meter and a two stage preset valve to ensure accuracy.  Its electronic loadout controller offers drivers the speed flexibility to manage loadout on their own and even print the required bill of lading (BOL)


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