Saddle Box
DEF Saddle Box
KleerBlue’s fleet fueling can unlock new wet hosing sales with quality parts, superior design and cost-effective installation.
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Premier DEF Wet Hosing System

Begin offering DEF fleet fueling with KleerBlue’s Saddle Box.  Designed to attach to diesel delivery trucks, KleerBlue’s DEF Saddle Box can be easily installed to unlock new wet hosing sales. Higher quality parts, secure exterior, aluminum enclosure, and stainless steel pump, ensures the Saddle Box requires minimal upkeep for long lasting use.

Quality Construction

Reduce downtime and needed repairs with quality parts.

  • Stainless steel pump for durability and long lasting use.
  • 1 micron filter with stainless steel filter housing to keep your DEF pure.
  • Stainless steel fleet or weights and measures-approved DEF meter options.

Secure and Quality Exterior

  • The fill and access doors are lockable for security and easy handling.
  • The aluminum enclosure allows for minimal upkeep and long lasting use.

Quick, Cost-Effective Installation

  • Turn-key enclosure is assembled, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and tested.

Superior Design

Save time with extended reach.

  • 50ft hose reel to allow more flexibility when fueling.
  • 110 gallon fluid capacity to reduce the amount of needed fill-ups.
  • LED interior light for easy nighttime filling.
  • Most accurate weights and measures meter available, NTEP-approved for DEF.

Standards & Approvals:

  • ISO 22241 - 3 & 4PEI RP1100

 Operating Temperature: 

  • -22°F/-30°C to 130°F/54°C

Size & Dimensions:

  • Capacity:110 gallon fluid capacity
  • Dimensions: 84” length x 33 1/4” height x 30 5/16” depth

Tank and Enclosure:

  • Aluminum exterior
  • Powder coated steel mount brackets (optional)
  • LED interior light
  • HDPE tank

Heating & Insulation:

  • 800 Watt AC Heater
  • 600 Watt DC Heater
  • R-5 insulation


  • Fleet/commerical Version: 1" stainless steel turbine meter
  • Retail Version: 682 meter with register, ticket printer & air eliminator


  • 120 volt AC 15 amp power source required for heater when truck is parked.
  • 12 volt DC 95 amp power source required for heater and power when truck is running.


  • 12 volet stainless steel DEF pump

Security/Accident Prevention:

  • Lockable fill and access door

Fill Inlet:

  • 1” Male camlock mounted on tank

Dispensing and Delivery:

  • 50' of 3/4" spring rewind hose reel
  • Stainless steel automatic nozzle


  • Completely assembled and wired (enclosure system)
  • Mounts to frame of truck
  • Wire to 12 volt truck power

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