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Quick Retail Storage & Dispensing
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Start selling DEF quickly with minimum investment. Start with a 330 gallon tote and APEX or REGAL retail dispenser!

Quick Retail Storage & Dispensing System:
Quickly and Affordably Begin Selling DEF

Many DEF retail systems today require a large initial investment. For retailers unsure of customer demand, this can be a major deterrent. That’s why KleerBlue now offers Quick Retail. This affordable, Weights & Measures-approved system comes with everything you need to begin offering DEF to your customers.

Systems include an empty 330 gallon tote with pump, retail dispenser, nozzles and hose. The only missing component is plumbing between the tote and dispenser. This is done to allow for fueling island OR remote dispenser configurations. As the customer demand for DEF grows, you can begin adding and replacing components without losing your initial investment.


We understand each facility has it’s own unique footprint. We’ve designed Quick Retail with exactly that in mind.

  • The KleerBlue APEX or REGAL dispenser looks great at any facility.
  • The dispenser offers pulse output and is compatible with most retail POS systems. It can emulate most standard 3rd party dispenser protocols.
  • System does not include plumbing between tote & dispenser allowing you to place dispenser wherever it makes the most sense for your location.
  • Plumbing can be provided by KleerBlue’s in-house team or by a 3rd party.

KleerBlue’s Quick Retail System allows you to start selling DEF legally at a fraction of the initial investment cost of other systems currently on the market.

  • KleerBlue APEX or REGAL dispenser is Weights and Measures-approved.
  • Tote includes a self-priming submersible pump. Unlike traditional diaphragm pumps, this pump will not pump air ensuring accurate and legal retail transactions.
  • Dispensers are certified by CSA to UL-508, ANSI/UL 50, CSA 22.2 No. 14-10 and 94-M199.


Protect your DEF investment and ensure it’s there when you need it. KleerBlue’s Insulated & Heated Tote Enclosures not only shield DEF totes from the elements, they protect them from unwanted tampering and dispensing.

  • The dispenser is insulated and heated ensuring operation in even extreme temperatures. KleerBlue also offers an optional tote enclosure where indoor storage is not available.
  • The tote comes standard with a lockable stainless steel discharge valve reducing risk of tampering and allowing for system shutoff at the source. Dispenser cabinet can also be equipped with an optional locking handle.
  • A pressure vacuum vent and pressure relief system are included on the tote to ensure proper pressure levels and a contaminant free environment.
  • Tote includes an extra Micro Matic valve for additional accessory including temperature gauges.

Protect your investment as the demand for DEF grows in your area. KleerBlue has many options to expand storage and/or dispensing capacity without replacing your entire system.

  • KleerBlue offers manifold kits that allow for chaining totes together to operate as a single tank.
  • With an optional switch box, multiple dispensers can be connected to a single tote.
  • KleerBlue provides a wide range of replacement storage options including mini-bulk, 2000/2600 gallon and bulk tanks with various types of insulation, heating and secondary containment options.


Due to the cost of SCR engine replacement and repair, DEF purity is of the utmost importance.

  • Micromatic valves are standard on the tote to ensure a closed system free of contaminants.
  • The dispenser includes a 1 micron filter to ensure any contaminants potentially introduced in the plumbing are removed prior to dispensing.



KleerBlue 400 Gallon Retail Fuel Island-Friendly Mini-Bulk Turn-Key System with REGAL

Standards & Approvals:

  • ISO 22241 - 3 & 4
  • PEI RP1100
  • Dispenser: Certified by CSA to UL-508, ANSI/UL 50, CSA 22.2 No. 14-10 and 94-M199
  • Dispenser: Weights & Measures approved for retail dispensing of DEF

Operating Temperature: 

  • APEX Dispenser: -22˚F/-30˚C to 130˚F/54˚C
  • REGAL Dispenser: 12˚F/-11˚C to 130˚F/54˚C
  • Tote: Above 12˚F/-11˚C

Size & Dimensions:

  • 330 Gallon Tote: 47” length x 40” width x 53” height
  • APEX Dispenser: 20” width x 35” depth x 57” height
  • REGAL Dispenser: 18” width x 12” depth x 58” height
  • Dispenser is fueling island height. Optional mounting bases and transition boxes for other configurations available.

Dispenser Cabinet:

  • Finish and Color: Gloss white & black bezel
  • Frame: Powder-coated industrial grade steel
  • Fittings & Hardware: Stainless steel

APEX Dispenser Heating & Insulation:

  • Redundant heating: two 800 watt heaters
  • Automatic thermostat
  • 400 gallon: 200 watt tank pad heaters
  • R5 industrial-grade insulation with FRP facing
  • Tote and REGAL dispenser are not insulated or heated


  • Weights and Measures approved stainless steel piston positive displacement meter
  • Flow rates of up to 10 GPM/38 LPM
  • 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Hose & Nozzle

  • 18’ total hose length, 15’ usable length
  • Hannay spring rewind hose reel
  • OPW mis-fill nozzle, swivel & breakaway

Dispenser Filter:

  • Stainless steel filter housing with 1 micron replaceable filters

Dispenser Electronics:

  • Emulates most standard dispenser protocols
  • Integrates with most standard POS systems (REGAL Option)
  • Backlit digital LCD sales, volume and price displays
  • Volume display can show gallons or liters
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Option: Volume only display


  • Polyethylene tote with tubular steel frame
  • Micro Matic RSV fill valve
  • Bottom withdraw valve
  • Three 2” NPT tank fittings
  • 1” NPT locking discharge valve
  • Pressure vacuum vent
  • Pressure relief system


  • 3/4 HP self-priming submersible pump


  • Dispenser & tote come assembled
  • Requires plumbing from 1” NPT discharge valve on tote to 1” NPT supply inlet on dispenser
  • Requires three dedicated 120 volt 20 amp circuits
  • Multiple dispensers require optional switch box


  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

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