KleerBlue products are meeting the DEF storage and handling needs of companies across North America.  From farms to cities, from single location c-stores to large truck stop chains, KleerBlue products are helping businesses better manage their DEF.  Click the links below to see the innovative ways KleerBlue is addressing the DEF storage and dispensing needs of your industry.



Beginning in 2014, all off-road diesel vehicles produced will need to comply with EPA Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requirements.  This will offer growers a way...

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C-Stores and Truck Stops

Since 2010, all new on-road diesel vehicles have been equipped with SCR technology.  As drivers continually adopt newer vehicles, the demand for DEF is growing significantly. KleerBlue is here to...

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Chemical Dealers

Are you a chemical manufacturer that is looking to expand your facilities?  KleerBlue can help!  With our in house engineering team, we can help you design a solution that fits...

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Fuel Distributors

More and more vehicles are being equipped with SCR technology, and as a result, demand for DEF is steadily growing. As your customers request DEF deliveries alongside fuel deliveries, KleerBlue...

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Mining and Off-Road Construction

As of 2014, all off-road vehicles are being required to comply with EPA requirements.  Kleerblue offers a variety of fleet fueling equipment for distributors and fleet managers alike.  Contact us...

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Municipalities and Schools

KleerBlue is the premier provider of fleet fueling equipment.  We even have engineered a DEF dispensing solution to accommodate the unique requirements of New Flyer buses.  Contact us today to...

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Off-Road Equipment Dealers

Do your new vehicles require DEF?  KleerBlue offers a series of commercial options with various storage capacities to accommodate the amount of on hand inventory that requires DEF.   Check out...

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Rental Companies

Are you adding more vehicles/equipment to your inventory that have been equipped with SCR technology? KleerBlue is a leading provider of DEF equipment for rental applications.  We offer a wide...

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Trucking and Logistics

Are you adding more vehicles to your fleet that have been equipped with SCR technology? Looking for ways to better manage DEF usage?  KleerBlue is a leading provider of diesel...

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