Are you adding more vehicles to your fleet that have been equipped with SCR technology? Looking for ways to better manage DEF usage?  KleerBlue is a leading provider of diesel exhaust fluid storage and dispensing equipment for fleets.  We offer fleet-specific solutions that that can send volume information to your fleet management software.  Contact us or see below for more information.


2600 & 4400 Gallon Ultra Turn-Key Fl…

The 2600/4400 gallon ultra fleet system is designed for DEF users or fleet managers that would like to take advantage of economies of scale by storing larger quantities of DEF...

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DEF Bulk Tanks for End Users

KleerBlue offers a full arrray of bulk tank systems for retailers, fleets and other DEF users. These tanks have be engineered for the most demanding environments and built to your...

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Ultra Series Bulk Storage Units

Aboveground bulk tanks offer many advantages including lower initial cost and ease of expansion. However, where to locate the tank at your facility can be an issue. KleerBlue’s Ultra Series...

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2-Wheel Portable Carts

KleerBlue's 2-wheel portable carts maximize portability and versatility. These carts are designed to pull DEF from drum and totes/IBCs to customer tanks and/or directly into vehicles.

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Island-Friendly Tank Options

KleerBlue's robust island-friendly tanks take into account the day-to-day concerns of retailers, fleet managers, and users as well as, increasing governmental regulations, and DEF temperature requirements. Protect your DEF inventory...

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