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DEF Bulk Tanks for Distributors
Large volume aboveground poly bulk tanks for storing DEF to transfer into transports, totes, railcars and more!
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Bulk Tanks for DEF Distributors:
1,000-20,000 Gallon Bulk Tank Systems

As the demand for DEF has grown, many distributors are turning to KleerBlue to help them expand their storage facilities. KleerBlue has a long history of handling bulk chemicals. They can provide the experience and expertise you need to help you create a system that makes the most economic sense from the time you offload DEF to final delivery.

Whether you need simple storage and dispensing solution, a fully automated facility with blending and dilution or something in between, KleerBlue can make your goals a reality. We have a full team of in-house engineers and knowledgeable staff ready to work with your team to provide you with the equipment you need to take your business to the next level.


Between your facility, business model and DEF demand, the solution you need will be unique to you.

  • KleerBlue offers tanks from 1,000 to 20,000 gallons from a variety of manufacturers to give you both the tank size and capacity you need for your facility.
  • Tanks can be manifolded together to increase storage capacity.
  • Fill inlets & discharge outlets can be located at the top or base of the tank.

KleerBlue has 60+ years of experience building complex systems for storing and dispensing chemicals including urea, a major component of DEF. That’s why you can rest assured you’re getting the right product and the best value with KleerBlue.

  • The tank design features mechanical overflow protection, pressure relief and properly designed ventilation.
  • The tough HDLPE polyethylene wall is UV protected, corrosion proof and impact resistant.
  • Standard tanks are single-walled UV stabilized HDLPE polyethylene flat bottom tanks. Double-walled tanks are also available.
  • KleerBlue bulk poly tanks are built to ASTM D1998 specifications. Commercial-grade tanks are available.


Need something other than the standard system? Consider these options:

  • Digital alarms and tank gauges can be added for increased volume oversight.
  • Factory-installed insulation & heating can be added for outdoor applications.
  • Tank straps, wind & seismic restraint systems can be added for increased stabilization.



KleerBlue 1,000-16,500 Gallon Bulk DEF Distributor HDLPE Tanks

Standards & Approvals:

  • ISO 22241 - 3 & 4
  • PEI RP1100
  • ASTM D1998 (optional commercial-grade)

Operating Temperature: 

  • -40˚F/-40˚C to 120˚F/48˚C (with optional heating & insulation)

Size & Dimensions:

  • Dimensions vary based on tank size and manufacturer. Call for details.

Tank Containment:

  • UV stabilized
  • HDLPE polyethylene vertical flat bottom
  • Single wall
  • Option: Double wall

Heating & Insulation:

  • Option: Factory-installed 2" polyfoam insulation
  • Option: Factory-installed Delta T-50 heat system

Security/Accident Prevention:

  • 3" Tank vent
  • 18" Access Manway
  • 2 Extra 2" openings on top of tank
  • Option: Tank straps
  • Option: Digital Tank level gauge
  • Option: Visual & audible high product alarm

Fill & Discharge Fittings

  • 2” stainless steel ball valve fill port
  • 3" FNTP stainless steel tank outlet with siphon tube
  • Option: 2” stainless steel drybreak (Parker, OPW or TODO)
  • Option: Insulated and heated inlet plumbing
  • Option: Manifolded piping connections for fill & discharge


  • Tank wrap for shipping
  • Onsite installation required. Detailed instructions included.


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