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October 5, 2017 - Today, Murray Equipment, Inc. (MEI) has announced that Dan Murray has been named President effective immediately. Former President Steve Murray will stay on board and focus his efforts on KleerBlue Solutions, Murray Equipment’s DEF storage, dispensing, and manufacturing systems brand. This transition marks three generations of Murray leadership.

multiregaldispenserToday KleerBlue Solutions announced it has launched a REGAL line of DEF dispensers engineered for warm climate use (above 12°F/-11°C). These units forego heating and insulation components allowing for a smaller footprint and less cost. The REGAL dispensers are streamlined versions of the KleerBlue APEX dispensers that are field-proven and have been enthusiastically adopted by the industry.

Today KleerBlue Solutions announced it has produced a new 8800 gallon turn-key bulk DEF storage unit. This unit is designed to meet the increased demand for aboveground bulk storage equipment, accommodate large DEF volumes and be aesthetically pleasing.