Tote Enclosure
Insulated & Heated Tote Enclosure
Store one or two 330 gallon totes securely so that you can dispense DEF in extreme weather!
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Insulated & Heated Storage Enclosures for Totes/IBCs:
Securely Store (Single or Dual) 330 Gallon Totes Outdoors

Do you want improve vehicle access to your DEF totes? Or, do you simply lack the necessary temperature controlled space to store your totes? Either way, KleerBlue Tote Enclosures meet the short or long term needs of the end-user by protecting from the effects of warm and cold climates while providing excellent temperature control.

These sleek, affordable units come pre-assembled, providing the ideal tote dispensing environment almost immediately. The enclosures offer two standard versions: a single 330 gallon version and a dual 660 gallon total version. A wide variety of options are available to customize the enclosure to your specific facility, climate and dispensing needs.

330 gallon Tote/IBC Storage Enclosure


DEF begins freezing at 12° F. The KleerBlue Tote Enclosures enable you to stabilize the temperature of your totes through insulation and/or heating.

  • Each unit is insulated on the top, sides, and floor.
  • This design along with an exhaust fan, provides temperature variance protection for moderate environments throughout the US and Canada.
  • For extreme environments, we offer an affordable heater with thermostat that will ensure inside protection above 12° F with an outside temperature of -55°.

KleerBlue’s Tote Enclosures are designed to be aesthetically appealing, not only upon installation, but for years to come.

  • High performance smooth with aluminum composite exterior, powder-coated steel base frame, and white FRP hard surface interior walls will provide years of service and easy maintenance.
  • All external hardware and fixtures are made of stainless steel and/or aluminium.
  • In the event of damage, the modular design ensures panels can be easily and cost-effectively swapped out and replaced.


Protect your DEF investment and ensure it’s there when you need it. KleerBlue’s Insulated & Heated Tote Enclosures not only shield DEF totes from the elements, they protect them from unwanted tampering and dispensing.

  • The hinged side access door allows for easy tote refilling. It can be securely locked.
  • The vertical dispensing door is located on the end cap of the unit and can be locked.
  • Standard units offer a locking, removable end cap door with grab handles for complete tote access and tote replacement.
  • Audible alarm sounds when interior temperature dips below 20° F giving advance warning before DEF begins to freeze.
  • Exhaust fan provides a more stable environment in higher temperature conditions.

KleerBlue’s Tote Enclosures are versatile and are found in a wide variety of applications across North America. We offer several configurations so you can start filling DEF vehicles right away.

  • Not only can you store two 330 gallon totes in the dual tote enclosure, KleerBlue offers a dual tote top manifold kit to link the totes together, so they act as a single tank.
  • A hose reel stand can be added for a 25' hose reel.


Need an outdoor setup ASAP? Look no further!

  • Units come pre-assembled and pre-wired for a simple, turn-key solution.
  • Forklift access points allow units to be ideally positioned and relocated with ease.



330 gallon Tote/IBC Storage Enclosure

Standards & Approvals

  • Electrical Components: UL, ULC, and CSA approved

Operating Temperature

  • -55˚F/-48˚C to 130˚F/54˚C

Size & Dimensions

  • Single 330 Tote Storage: 48" width x 66" length x 76" side wall with 85" total height
  • Dual 330 Tote Storage: 48” width x 132” length x 76” side wall with 85” total height


  • Housing: Weather resistant enclosure with smooth surface aluminum composite exterior panels
  • Finish and Color: Smooth White
  • Base Frame: Powder-coated steel
  • Fittings & Hardware: Stainless steel & aluminum
  • Joints: Weather sealed


  • Locking hinged side refill access door
  • Locking hinged vertical front dispensing door
  • Locking, removable end panel with grab handles for tote replacement
    Audible alarm (temperature < 20˚F)
  • Secondary containment is NOT currently available

Insulation & Heating

  • R5 insulated top and sides
  • Insulated base frame
  • Forced air heating system
  • Adjustable heat setting (45ºF to 75ºF)
  • Visual & audible alarm and color changing display (temperature < 20˚F)
  • Thermostatically-controlled exhaust fan (temperature > 80˚F)


  • Pre-assembled on metal skid
  • Forklift access points


  • 115v 15 amp circuit to supply heater, exhaust fan, tote pump and an accessory
  • One interior GFI electrical receptacle
  • One exterior gang box with weatherproof cover
  • LED Light


  • 1 year parts limited warranty


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