multiregaldispenserToday KleerBlue Solutions announced it has launched a REGAL line of DEF dispensers engineered for warm climate use (above 12°F/-11°C). These units forego heating and insulation components allowing for a smaller footprint and less cost. The REGAL dispensers are streamlined versions of the KleerBlue APEX dispensers that are field-proven and have been enthusiastically adopted by the industry.

The REGAL features a weather-proof black and white powder-coated galvannealed steel exterior, DEF-compatible wetted parts, stainless steel filter, backlit LED display, and built-in pump power relay. The dispenser base is 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide allowing for many more placement options than traditional dispensers.

“We wanted to provide our customers that live in warmer climates an even more affordable option,” explained co-founder Roy Jorgensen. “We have a reputation for producing equipment that holds up under extreme cold, but that’s irrelevant to our Southern partners. For them, we can offer affordability, quality and flexibility.”

The REGAL comes in two models: fleet & retail. The REGAL fleet model features an exterior volume display and an electric pulse output to send DEF volume information to FMS or other monitoring software.

The REGAL retail model displays sales and price information in addition to volume. It is able to emulate most standard dispenser protocols and integrate with most standard POS systems.

Regal 400 gallon retailLike the APEX, KleerBlue REGAL retail dispensers hold NTEP weights and measures approval certificates. This is a superior distinction to component-based approval, and is a basic requirement for selling DEF in many states.

“KleerBlue focuses on partnering with our customers, long-term,” explained co-founder Steve Murray. “We don’t cut corners. We evaluate every component and design decision for its overall ROI and adherence to DEF equipment standards. And, we ensure our equipment has the proper certifications for the application.”

The REGAL can be supplied remotely or as part of KleerBlue’s turn-key Fueling Island Friendly Mini-Bulk systems.